Slim. Powerful. Fast.
Fast ARMv8 processor running at 2Ghz under RISC OS
Fast ARMv8 64bit Processor running Linux
2GB of fast LPDDR4-3200 memory
4GB of fast LPDDR4-3200 memory
The stuff of legend
The Chimera is as powerful as it’s mythological counterpart.Chimera makes the most of it's mythical namesake, employing it's unique, multiple heads to best effect when combined. Chimera amalgamates it's two heads to form a special partnership drawing the very best from RISC OS, when utilising the powerful Linux partner alongside. At only 45mm deep, this sleek metallic beast is slim enough to hide, whilst always being ready to pounce.
Fast. In so many ways.
By making use of 6GB of DDR4 memory as standard, Chimera combines the efficiency of RISC OS lightweight resource requirements, with the versatile behemoth that is Linux. In addition, using multiple ARM cores, overclocked to more than 2GHz, to process data in parallel, means that it can manage huge numbers of instructions in a heartbeat.
Fast and abundant.
By using the very latest in storage technology, and by bringing that technology to RISC OS, Chimera harnesses super-fast NVMe storage to the best advantage of both operating systems. And oodles of it, too, with dedicated and shared storage available to both. Add in a sprinkle of eMMC for RISC OS and you have a beast with very solid performance.
Three heads are better than two.
Chimera's unique blend of the two front facing heads is optionally complemented by another ferocious rear head - running real Windows on an x64 processor. For most, the twin heads of Chimera will be sufficient, but for access to a whole other sphere of computing, that third head can make all the difference. And we don't just mean Windows on ARM. We mean Windows on x64.
Power to the desktop.
Utilising the flexibility and speed of RISC OS, combined with the processing power and robust storage, the Chimera helps you become a more efficient RISC OS user. Not to mention 4k resolutions for extreme productivity. Throw in access to Linux apps, and optionally Windows, and it’s a positive powerhouse.
Technical Specification Processor Speed: 2GHz (overclockable to up to 2.1GHz) Memory: 2GB + 4GB Networking: 2x Gigabit Ethernet ports USB ports: 4 external (2 front and 2 rear) Audio/Video: Audio over HDMI Twin full sized HDMI ports Up to 3840x2160 HDMI graphics eMMC: 32GB for RISC OS NVMe: 256GB for RISC OS, and 256GB for Linux OS and Software: RISC OS 5.29 plus nearly 2GB of RISC OS Software as standard OTA OS upgrades with rollback facilities (coming soon!) Case: Aluminium ultra-thin case - 200mm x 200mm x 45mm Power and Acvtivity Indicator LEDs Power Button Options: x64 head with 128GB dedicated storage and 8GB dedicated RAM 4GB RAM for RISC OS 8GB RAM for Linux
RISCOSbits Pi Ro Noir Front and Back
USB2 ports
Power LED
Power Button
32GB eMMC storage and 256GB NVMe drive for RISC OS
256GB NVMe drive for Linux
Pi Ro Noir Front and Back
Micro USB
Activity LEDs
Raspberry Pi