PiRO Qube
The Mini Monster.
Overclockable BCM2711 ARM v8 processor, up to 2GHz
RISC OS 5 and 2GB of software as standard, with optional software worth more than £600
2GB or 4GB of fast LPDDR4-3200 memory
32GB eMMC as standard with optional NVMe drive
Small. Fast. Mighty
At only 60mm x 60mm x 43mm,, the PiRO Qube’s size blies its power - this is a mighty machine condensed into a super small package. It even has a range of expansion options including USB and the standard 40pin GPIO ports, plus a uSD slot to the side and a simple power button on top. You can even power it from a single USB port on another computer!
Small. And upgradeable.
PiRO Qube features high-performance DDR4 memory, which, combined with the state of the art ARM CPU, all adds up to faster processing. With 2GB or 4GB of very fast RAM, PiRO Qube is capable of more than you can possibly imagine in RISC OS.
Fast eMMC and Faster NVMe
Just say No to SD! Being based on the Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4, it’s no surprise that PiRO Qube comes with an enhanced 32Gb eMMC. But it also comes with super-fast NVMe drive that works under RISC OS, so the PiRO Qube can load all of your necessary apps and files in super quick time. For users with access to disc-intensive applications, like modern web browsers, the eMMC can operate as traditional filecore storage, with the NVMe drive providing enhanced speed storage - ideal for things like RiscOSM. The PiRO Qube can even run purely from eMMC and the built in NVMe slot can be put to work for loading EDOS Linux as fast as possible - we’ll even install it to a suitable drive for free!
Temperature Control
Active Cooling.
The PiRO Qube comes complete with passive cooling heatsink attached to all of the components that produce the most heat. When utilised with CPU throttling when idle, the system remains cool in use. But just in case, there’s a software controlled PWM-fan built into the heatsink, for when things really start hotting up.
Power to the desktop.
Utilising the flexibility and speed of RISC OS, combined with the processing power and robust storage, the PiRo Qube helps you become a more efficient RISC OS user. Not to mention 4k resolutions for extreme productivity.
Technical Specification Processor Speed: 2GHz Memory: 2GB or 4GB Networking: Gigabit Ethernet port and optional WIFI bridge USB ports: 2 external Audio/Video: Audio over HDMI Twin full sized HDMI ports Up to 3840x2160 HDMI graphics Storage: 32GB eMMC drive with optional super-fast NVMe drive OS and Software: RISC OS 5 plus nearly 2GB of RISC OS Software as standard Case: Matte black moulded plastic - 60mm x 60mm x 43mm Activity and Power Indicator LEDs User-controlled active cooling fan Options: WIFI bridge Commercial software pack (worth over £600) 8GB RAM
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USB-C Power
uSD slot
Power Button
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